A Small Town Bar with Big Time

At Dick’s Bar & Grill, we pride ourselves on a long history of
great food, welcoming staff, and uniquely fun atmosphere!  
Established in 1860 and expanding over the years, each of our
four sections offers the perfect balance of old meets new,
simple style and special occasion.  There’s something for
everyone on our full menu, from a hearty breakfast to savory
dinner specialties.  

Whether it’s your first time stopping in, or you’re a frequent
guest, you’re not just a customer at Dick’s Bar & Grill – you’re
a friend.  
Wisconsin Room
The quintessential small town tavern,
where bartenders visit with those
seated at the 30 foot mahogany bar,
music lovers sing along to the latest
tunes from the jukebox and sports
fans play a game of darts while
cheering their favorite team to
victory on one of the seven screens.  
Ready for a mouthwatering meal in a family
friendly atmosphere?  You’ve come to the right
place!  Our Restaurant is a bit quieter, but that
much more fun for the little eyes!  You’ll find
tables on the ceiling and board games on the
floor!  Our youngest guests display their
artwork on the walls and at those special times
of the year, share meals with the Easter Bunny
and Santa Claus.
Garden Room
Fresh air and sunlight is our Garden
Room specialty.  You can't help but
relax as you dine in the tranquil
surroundings of freshly blooming plants
and peaceful water garden.
Walnut Room
This is where the action is at!  Enjoy a tasty
meal, while you bop along to the classics
from our vintage jukebox, or enjoy DJ
dancing and live music on the Walnut Room
stage!  Here you’ll find two bars, the
“Horseshoe” and the “Walnut Bar” where
you’ll meet friendly bartenders willing to
share their best jokes, and serve up
refreshing cocktails to your liking.
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DJ J-Strong
Friday & Saturday
9:45 p.m.
Sunday - 7:30 p.m.